2017 GALA


Chairmen Ryne and Katherine Poncik with co-chair Carlo Chiocchio provided a wonderful evening for 225 guests at the ZAZA Hotel benefiting the Carole and Ronald Krist Samaritan Counseling Center.

This year’s Samaritan Spirit Award was awarded to Brett and Deanna Favre for their philanthropic efforts through the Favre4Hope Foundation and to Nancy Riviere founder of the non-profit WIG OUT, providing cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy with wigs.

The event also provided $118,000 to support the mission of the Center to provide mental health services to those who seek help.

Dennis Brown, Executive Director, Carole & Ronny Krist

Ryne and Katherine Poncik, Gala Chairs with 2017 Samaritan Spirit Award recipients Brent and Deanna Favre and Nancy Riviere.

Fred Heredia and Cassidy York

Dennis Brown and Sharron Melton

Claudia and Jon Rask

Ivan Voloyiannia and Dr. Theodore Voloyiannis

Sherie Beckman, Janet Horn and Cherie Kelsey all Krist Samaritan Board members.

Dennis Brown, Carlo Chiocchio, KSC Board member and Gala Co-Chair with Katherine & Ryne Poncik Gala chairs.

Terry Green and Kathryn Green with Katherine and Ryne Poncik Gala Chai

Nancy Ames and Danny Ward with Nancy Riviere, 2017 Samaritan Spirit Award recipient

Stephanie Sanders, Jim Smith, and Lucille King

Christy Cushman, KSC Board member, and Lou Cushman

Rhonda and Rev. DR. James Furr, KSC Board member

Ryne and Katherine Poncik, and recipient Nancy Riviere with Ken Rue

Jim Smith with Carlo Chiocchio, Ksc Board member and Gala Co-chair

2017 Samaritan Spirit Award recipients Brett and Deanna Favre and Nancy Riviere with Ken Rue

Alan May, Regional Director for Tom Ford

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