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September 2009,
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Taking time out.
As we move into September, the days start getting cooler, kids jump into school activities, and parents settle back into their normal routines. In your daily schedule, don't forget to take time out for just you and your family. It's easy to get caught up in the everyday and overlook spending time to enjoy each other, so keep on reading to find out how you can build a healthy family dynamic. It's time to sit back, relax and catch this month's Spirit.

Service Spotlight
Each month, Spirit will shine a spotlight on one of our services to reveal how Krist Samaritan Center is touching lives and healing hearts all across Houston.
Developing Family Identity.

In the same way that individuals have distinguishing personality traits that make them one-of-a-kind, families also have distinctive characteristics that make them who they are. By knowing what makes their family unique, children gain an understanding of themselves and how they fit in the world. 

Building identity is much more than being familiar with family heritage--it's about purposefully creating dynamics, activities and traditions that parents and children can share together. This could be as simple as making every Wednesday night 'family night' or treating everyone to donuts on each child's half-birthday. The more you do together, the stronger your ties become. There are four simple ideas you can implement to help build family identity.

Be present. It's important to be present at special occasions, but also at family dinners, at bedtime and breakfast. As a parent, your presence is a sign of being connected and loving. It boosts children's self-esteem when they know their parents enjoy spending time with them. It's just as important to play with your children as it is to work on homework with them.

Celebrate everything all the time. From celebrating a great (or not so great) ballet performance to soccer goals--everything deserves to be celebrated. Commemorate the first day of school and moving up to a new grade, birthdays, special family days and more! 

MindWorks Testing
Developed for adults and kids alike, MindWorks Testing is a psychological assessment program that tests for learning disabilities, developmental delays, personality traits, intelligence, ADD & ADHD, depression, substance abuse and more. Each test is administered by a Krist Samaritan Center clinician and paired with relevant counseling for each individual. Tests are available by appointment only.

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Speak positively about your family. Let your spouse and children know how important they are to you by using affirming phrases such as, 'I'm so glad our family can talk about anything together.' Core family values can also be enforced when correcting your child by saying positive things like, 'Our family doesn't yell, we like to be polite and kind.'
		Bring up your faith. Most (if not all) of your family's core values and beliefs stem from your faith. As part of your family's foundation, it's important to discuss faith with your children as this helps kids develop strong convictions as they grow older. There's no need to lecture, but bring it up spontaneously and in small ways while you're at the park, riding to school or even making dinner. Your kids will not understand how important your faith is to you unless you talk about it.
		Family identity reminds each family member that they fit into something bigger than themselves and that they are needed and loved. When children feel connected, they develop a healthy self-identity and are less likely to display negative behaviors. Not to mention, it builds strong, lasting family bonds.
'Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.' -James Baldwin

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The Krist Samaritan Center is pleased to welcome Grier Patton, owner of Mach Energy, LLC to our Board of Directors.

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