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SPIRIT Carole & Ronald Krist Samaritan Center for Counseling & Education  August 2010  · Touching Lives · Healing Hearts
The Great Balancing Act As summer comes to end and we begin to the back-to-school routine, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. With the ever-present demands of work, relationships and family, we often feel like we’re performing in a circus. To stay grounded amidst the whirlwinds of life, it becomes increasingly necessary to remind ourselves of what’s most important — family. In the midst of soccer games, friends’ birthdays and PowerPoint presentations, remember to be thankful for family and take a “breather.” It’s time to sit back, relax and catch this month’s Spirit. “The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.”  ~Unknown
Avoiding Family Feuds For parents and children alike, the pressures of work, school and life’s other activities can lead to irritation throughout the day. So, often when we walk in the door of our homes, it’s easy to let that frustration out on those we love the most. Instead of a target for our anger, it is helpful to think of our family members as great listeners, encouragers and helpers. By viewing our parents, children and siblings as allies rather than enemies or an annoyance, a strong bond begins to form — making life’s difficulties seem more manageable.  Here are some key ingredients to the recipe of a happy family:  1.	Enjoy each other’s company – Realize, admire and compliment the uniquely wonderful traits of your siblings, parents and children.  2.	Turn it off – It can be tough to do, but it’s important to turn off that television, iPod, iPhone, etc. When everyone convenes at the end of the day, make time to talk with your family without distraction.  3.	Break bread together – Whether you’re eating fast food or a home-cooked dinner, eat as a family at least four times a week. 4.	Start traditions – By reserving activities to be shared exclusively with family, members are brought closer together.  5.	Don’t stretch yourself too thin – Whether it’s after-school commitments, work projects or time with friends, don’t overdo it. Make sure your priorities are in order with family being your number one.  Service Spotlight  Each month, Spirit will shine a spotlight on one of our services to reveal how Krist Samaritan Center is touching lives and healing hearts all across Houston.  “Healing Hearts After Hurricane Ike” Ike Seminar Series   The Krist Samaritan Center is conducting a seminar series the last Monday of the month through September geared toward victims of Hurricane Ike. Join us for a discussion on ways to heal the emotional wounds that linger after the trauma of a hurricane.   August topic: Managing family relationships in the wake of Ike.  When: Monday, August 30th Time: 7 pm – 8:30 pm Place: Krist Samaritan Center 17555 El Camino Real Houston, Texas 77058 Cost: Free, walk-ins welcome  [button] Click here to sign-up. [links to sign-up landing page] Walk-ins welcome. Mark Your Calendars!  A Samaritan Celebration 2010  Thursday, November 4, 2010 River Oaks Country Club Chairpersons: Diane and Brian Kingshill 2010 Honorees: 	Carol and Michael Linn Rahul Mehta Alice and Keith Mosing Kids’ Meals, Inc.  To learn more or become a sponsor. Click here [routes to http://samaritanhouston.org/samaritan_celebration/index.html]
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