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SPIRIT Carole & Ronald Krist Samaritan Center for Counseling & Education September 2010 · Touching Lives · Healing Hearts
Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness 

While such a familiar phrase has been stated time and time again, in today’s “must-have-it-now” world of credit cards and debt, having money often seems to be synonymous with a positive mental state. However, a recent study published in the Health Economics, Policy and Law journal found an interesting relationship between therapy and the effects a pay raise has on one’s well-being. 

According to the study, an increase in happiness that a person receives from a four-month therapy course valued at $1,329 was so significant that it would take a raise of more than $41,542 to achieve an equivalent “boost” in one’s overall contentment. That means, in terms of one’s happiness, four months of therapy gives you 32 times more “bang for your buck” than a considerable pay increase. 

“Often the importance of money for improving our well-being and bringing greater happiness is vastly over-valued in our societies,” says Chris Boyce, author of the study. “The benefits of having good mental health, on the other hand, are often not fully appreciated, and people do not realize the powerful effect that psychological therapy, such as non-directive counseling, can have on improving our well-being.”
Benefits of Counseling
•	Grow towards positive mental health
•	Feel more connected with loved ones
•	Reduce your stress level
•	Identify your goals
•	Work towards self-fulfillment
•	Gain better communication skills

All in all, if you’re feeling stressed, depressed or less than satisfied with certain issues in your life, consider talking with a counselor. Perhaps the greatest return comes not from investing in stock, gadgets or cars, but from investing in your mental health.  

Sources: University of Warwick and Mayo Clinic
Charitable Roots

We recently received a visit from two key individuals who have made a significant impact on the Krist Samaritan Center — Ronald Krist, the generous donor of our building, and Harvill Weller, our founding board president. Both spoke at Orientation Day where we welcomed new additions to our growing team. 

As new psychological associate intern Lindsay Mullan reflected, “Their visit helped to frame our work by connecting us with the roots of the Center sown from such generous spirits.”  Their commitment to helping those in need inspires our work today, and it’s always an honor to have them visit the Center as both continue to support our mission of touching lives and healing hearts.
Touching Lives · Healing Hearts
“Money is the most envied, but the least enjoyed. Health is the most enjoyed, but the least envied.”
~Charles Caleb Colton
Did You Know? 

The Krist Samaritan Center offers counseling services in 22 convenient locations across Houston. We’re fortunate to be able to offer our services at a number of churches throughout the area. 

To find a location near you, visit our website at www.samaritanhouston.org or call our main office at 281.480.7554.
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