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Technological Advances Streamline Health Care  In recent years, most people have benefited from the increasing presence of technology in visits to their primary care physician, dentist or eye doctor. To save time, one can fill out health forms online prior to a doctor’s visit, physicians can electronically send prescription orders, and EMTs can access medical records in an instant ─ with life-saving results. Electronic medical records (EMRs) are ensuring that patients get the right care at the right time.   These same goals can be achieved in behavioral health care settings. Currently, Krist Samaritan Center’s board of directors is examining the most efficient ways to fund and utilize EMRs.   The decision to upgrade our clinical record-keeping from paper to electronic files will save time for our clinicians, freeing them to offer additional counseling sessions, and our clients will experience the added benefit of being able to communicate with us through the Internet via our new Patient Portal.  In the upcoming months, we will begin to upgrade the Center’s computers and servers to support this new technology.     Implementing EMRs: -Integrates all aspects of medical attention and procedures to ensure patients receive the proper care -Reduces medical errors resulting from fragmented communication -Lowers costs, as money is not wasted on inappropriate or overlapping treatment  Krist Samaritan Center’s board of directors is currently determining how to fund this critical technology.   I’d Like To Fund EMRs  http://www.samaritanhouston.org/krist-samaritan-center/make-a-donation.html
Bolivian Outreach — Pastoral Education Krist Samaritan Center’s Bolivian Project in Pastoral Education is a two-year enterprise designed to enhance the pastoral ministry of all ordained pastors who serve in the Bolivian Methodist Church.   This June, Rev. Dr. Ted Smith of Krist Samaritan Center and Rev. Arturo Cadar of Friendswood United Methodist Church held in-person intensive seminars in Bolivia, to expand the pastors’ knowledge base and guide their skill development. The program also utilizes “distance learning” via Skype broadcasts to train the Bolivian pastors.     Don’t forget to get your tickets for A Samaritan Celebration 2011!  Tuesday, November 1  River Oaks Country Club  Chairpersons: Carole & Ronald Krist  2011 Honorees: Ron Hall and Denver Moore, authors Southwest Airlines, corporate champion Margaret Alkek Williams, philanthropist   To learn more or become a sponsor, Click Here. [http://samaritanhouston.org/gala/become-a-sponsor.html]    MindWorks in the Workplace  With less room for loss of productivity in the workplace, today’s corporations must properly evaluate job applicants and regularly assess and treat the mental health of current employees.  Krist Samaritan Center’s MindWorks testing helps identify and reduce performance-related problems, which include absenteeism, decreased productivity, errors on the job and workplace accidents.  Corporate services offered include: -corporate retreats, including team-building exercises  -stress management counseling -psychological testing (for existing workforce and new employees)  Learn More http://www.samaritanhouston.org/mindworks/testing-information.html   We’re Near You  Each month, Spirit shines a spotlight on one of our partnering congregations to demonstrate the reach of Krist Samaritan Center counseling locations across the Houston area.     Conveniently located off of West Loop 610 S., Faith Lutheran Church offers a counseling center staff by Dr. Robert Breckbill.   Faith Lutheran Church 4600 Bellaire Blvd. Bellaire, Texas 77401 Counselor: Dr. Robert Breckbill  To schedule an appointment or learn more, please call our main office at 281.480.7554. We’d love to hear from you.   Find a Location Near You.  [http://samaritanhouston.org/facilities/locations.html]   JULY: Mental Health Care for All  July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month in honor of Bebe Moore Campbell, an accomplished mental health advocate who championed mental health education and support among diverse communities.   Studies indicate that minority communities are less likely to receive diagnosis and treatment for mental illness, and have less access to mental health care.  This month, we are reminded to raise awareness of mental illness in a way that is culturally meaningful.

For more information, call our main office at 281.480.7554 or visit our website. Click here. [http://www.samaritanhouston.org/donation.html]

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