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SPIRIT - The latest news and updates on positive mental health. - Touching Lives + Healing Hearts - February 2012 - Krist Samaritan Center
A Heart to Heart Conversation
We all strive to feel loved, valued and appreciated by our partners, but when the relationship begins to show signs of distress, we often don't know where to turn, or even worse, ignore the issues and hope the problems will go away on their own. If you are experiencing challenges in your relationship, consider seeking advice from a professional counselor who can provide the guidance and help you need to reconnect with your partner. 
* ''Based on averaged scores of marital satisfaction, 65% of couples report significant improvement in their marriage after attending couples therapy.''
*Source: Friedlander, M. (1997) The Scientific Basis of Couples and Family Therapy Research. Allyn and Bacon: Boston.

Couples counseling can take a marriage from good to great.  You don't need to be in a severely troubled relationship to seek counseling. Research shows that a happy marriage can be predicted by healthy expectations of marriage, a realistic concept of love, a positive outlook toward life, the ability to communicate feelings, an understanding and acceptance of gender differences, the ability to make decisions and settle arguments, and a common spiritual foundation and goals (Parrott & Parrott, 2006).  If you feel that you and your partner could grow in some of these areas, it may be time to seek counseling. A professional counselor can provide guidance and direction and help your relationship progress toward a balance of passion, intimacy, and commitment. Keep in mind that it can be beneficial to seek help soon after problems arise rather than waiting until your relationship is at a breaking point. But take heart, because disagreements and conflict are natural in any relationship; take your marriage to the next level by learning how to handle problems and meet both of your needs in ways that strengthen your relationship rather than tear it down.

The experienced professionals at Krist Samaritan Center are here to help you conquer your relationship challenges. To learn more about our services or counselors, go to http://www.samaritanhouston.org/services/main-services.html
Donate To a Cause That Speaks to You
Any donations to Krist Samaritan Center may be designated toward the cause that resonates most in your heart. 

For example:
-A gift of $65 may be applied to sponsor one counseling session for a needy family. 
(Please consider a series of counseling sessions.)
-A gift of $100 may go toward scholarships for Congregational Care training.
-A gift of $250 may be used to underwrite psychological or educational testing for a low-income client.
-A gift of $500 may be designated to purchase new computers and software for technology upgrades, such as electronic medical records.

Donate - http://www.samaritanhouston.org/krist-samaritan-center/make-a-donation.html 

We're Near You
Each month, Spirit will shine a spotlight on one of our partnering congregations to show how Krist Samaritan Center offers counseling locations all across the Houston area.   

Conveniently located near Highway 225 in the Pasadena area, Deer Park United Methodist Church offers a counseling location staffed by Susan Painter Briggs. 

Deer Park United Methodist Church
1300 E. 13th St.
Deer Park, Texas 77536
Counselor: Susan Painter Briggs, MA, LPC, LMFT

To schedule an appointment, please call our main office at 281.480.7554. We'd love to hear from you.
Find a Location Near You. 


MindWorks Testing
Each person has a unique combination of core traits, abilities and skills. Identifying these characteristics can help you choose a meaningful college major or career pathway. At MindWorks Testing, our team of certified psychologists and counselors can help unveil skills and strengths you may not be aware of. Contact us today at 281.480.7554 to see how you can benefit from career testing. 

Learn More at http://www.samaritanhouston.org/mindworks/testing-information.html
At Krist Samaritan Center, our services include:
Counseling - Psychological testing - Psychiatric consultation - Education and training - Congregational Care programs 
For more information, call our main office at 281.480.7554 or visit our website. 
17555 El Camino Real - Houston, Texas 77058 - 281.480.7554 - samaritanhouston.org
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