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Why Some Children Fear Going to School | SPIRIT | August 2012 

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August 2012

The Devastating Effects of Bullying

For some children, the start of a school year is an exciting time — new classes, new teachers and opportunities to make friends and get involved in activities. For other children, school is a dreaded place that means one thing — constant harassment by their peers. The rise of social media and mobile phone use has only increased the problem, as bullying behavior is no longer confined to school grounds or hours.

Bullying is defined as physical, verbal or emotional intimidation of others, and can range from hurtful words to a physical attack. The suffering that victims of bullying experience can negatively impact peer relationships, emotional development and academic performance. Effects include social isolation, stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression and, in extreme cases, suicide.

For children who bully their classmates, depression, anger and a desire to dominate others are usually the culprits of this behavior. In some cases, these children are themselves victims of abuse and are exhibiting learned behavior. As with the children they harass, bullies often experience social, emotional and academic difficulties — and legal difficulties, if the aggressiveness continues into adulthood and becomes criminal behavior.
Whether your child is an instigator or a target of bullying, intervention by a mental health professional is recommended. Call Krist Samaritan Center at 281.480.7554 to schedule an evaluation today.

Source: American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Bullying Facts

1.	Approximately 30% of children report being bullied regularly (once per week to several times per week).
2.	1 in 3 teens on the Internet has experienced harassment.
3.	160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by peers.
4.	1 in 10 students drops out of school as a result of repeated bullying.
5.	Retaliation for past bullying is linked to two-thirds of school shootings.
6.	Bullies are more likely to commit crimes.
7.	Suicide is the leading cause of death among 10-to-14-year olds. Approximately 30% of these cases are related to bullying. 

Sources: American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, National Education Association, National Association of School Psychologists and Pew Internet
Krist Samaritan Center Adds Speech-Language Therapy Services

Krist Samaritan Center is pleased to announce its partnership with Bay Area Speech Language Learning Associates (BASLLA). The Center now offers speech and language services for toddlers, children, teens and adults at its main office in Clear Lake. Speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists are available for evaluations, therapy and consultations six days per week by appointment.

Speech-language pathologists address issues including:
•	Language and speech disorders
•	Learning disabilities
•	Developmental disorders and autism
•	Phonological processing
•	Aphasia (stroke rehabilitation)

For more information, visit our website or call 281.480.7554.
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A Samaritan Celebration
November 1, 2012
River Oaks Country Club

Our annual gala, A Samaritan Celebration, celebrates the life made by giving to others in need. Funds raised will supplement the Counseling Assistance Fund.

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Autism is a developmental disorder that impacts brain connectivity and negatively affects social and communication skills and understanding. Usually noticed in early childhood, some symptoms include difficulties and delays with verbal and nonverbal communication, lack of social interaction and eye contact, restricted topics of interest and repetitious movements. The causes of autism are not confirmed, but children that fail to reach routine developmental milestones should be tested. In addition to diagnosing autism through psychological testing, Krist Samaritan Center can help your child qualify for specialized school services.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call 281.480.7554 x2752 or call directly at 281.956.2752.
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