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Don't Let Winter Have You Singing the Blues  For some people, January 2 comes as a relief—the holiday rush has winded down and it's back to daily life. However, for many others, the advent of a new year means an abrupt end to the holiday season. Our loved ones have returned home, the parties have ended, credit card bills have arrived, our clothes are a little tighter and there doesn't seem to be much to look forward to.   Post-holiday stress, frequently referred to as the 'post-holiday blues,' is very common, as are the feelings of sadness, disappointment, anxiety, fatigue and loneliness that can result from financial pressure, inactivity, boredom or even from unrealistic holiday expectations. The post-holiday blues are temporary and tend to end with the season. If you cannot seem to shake them off, however, you may be experiencing a more serious, long-term issue such as depression, which can be treated effectively by a mental health care professional.  Here are a few tips for managing stress in the New Year:  - Understand the sources of your stress and find healthy ways to deal with it by participating in your favorite activities, such as reading a book or listening to music.  - Set realistic expectations for yourself and others. - Set a budget and stick to it year-round.  - Exercise regularly. - Drink plenty of water. - Get plenty of sleep (at least 8 hours per night). - Go outside to breathe fresh air and get some sun, even on cloudy days. - Plan something to look forward to. - Avoid overindulging in food and alcohol, as diet can play a significant role in stress and depression. - Reach out for support if needed.  Source: American Psychological Association  33% of Americans feel extreme stress regularly. 20% report high levels of stress more than 15 days per month. 46% of women and 35% of men experience holiday-related financial stress.
Speech-Language Therapy  Krist Samaritan Center offers speech-language services for children, teens and adults through our newest division, Bay Area Speech Language Learning Associates (BASLLA). Speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists are available for evaluations, therapy and consultations six days per week by appointment at Krist Samaritan Center's main office in Clear Lake.  BASLLA professionals address issues including: - Dysfluency (stuttering) - Dyslexia - Articulation disorders - Auditory processing disorders - Learning disabilities - And more!  To get additional information or schedule an appointment, call 281.480.7554.
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