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Brainpower - January 2010
Personality. Every person has a distinctive personality—an organized set of traits and characteristics making them unique. Such qualities not only indicate a person’s social interaction patterns, but also how he/she perceives the world. Personality assessments through psychological testing can reveal other core information about an individual, including: •	Behavior (social and personal) •	Thought patterns •	Feelings •	Motivations Recognizing these traits can help with pre-marital and marital issues, understanding your child’s school performance, and recognizing why your teenager “acts out,” among other things. Only trained professionals can provide an accurate personality assessment. For those making New Year’s resolutions, a personality test may be just the ticket to discover the motivations behind what makes you, your spouse or your child tick. There are 16 possible personality types based on an individual’s preference in each of the four following pairs: •	Extraversion or Introversion  •	Sensing or Intuition •	Thinking or Feeling •	Judging or Perceiving   (Source: www.meyersbriggs.org)  Learn more about yourself. Get to know how the mind works through psychological testing.   To learn more, call 281.480.7554 or visit mindworkstesting.org.  17555 El Camino Real Houston, Texas 77058
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