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Brainpower │ February 2010

The Perfect Proposal.
Before engagement, couples should discover their similarities, differences, weaknesses, strengths, how to handle conflict and how to build each other up. Dating relationships tell a lot about an individual, and differences that may impact the relationship are helpful or important to understand.
*Expressive Responsive/Inhibited
Since psychological testing points out potential areas of conflict, testing results are helpful for pre-marital counseling. Engaged couples that desire to protect their relationship through life's ups and downs would greatly benefit from facing possible issues early on and not waiting until they are in the sacred, life-long commitment of marriage.

Did you know?
The marriage and divorce statistics in the United States for 2008:
*Marriage rate: 7.1 (per 1,000 people)
*Divorce rate: 3.5 (per 1,000 people)
(Source: www.cdc.gov)
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