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Brainpower - April 2010
Have you ever wondered if your child has a learning disability? Perhaps you’ve noticed that it takes him/her a while to grasp certain concepts, but it’s not that your child isn’t bright—he/she eventually learns the principles and understands the subject matter. Sometimes students have a high IQ, but slower processing speeds in certain subjects.
Intelligence Quotient (IQ) testing measures thinking abilities, verbal abilities and processing speed, among other abilities to understand the level at which an individual is able to understand, process and use information. 
The 4th grade is when learning issues often start appearing because of a heightened intellectual demand than what was previously required in Kindergarten – 3rd grades. However, IQ testing can be given as early as 5 years old, and many parents test their children early to know what’s possible for their future. Test results can be used to seek special accommodations for learning disabilities, admission into special or private schools, or for educational forecasting.

Find out what’s possible for your child. Get to know how the mind works through psychological testing. 

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This month, we proudly welcome Dr. Orion Mosko to our MindWorks Testing assessment team. Dr. Mosko is a licensed psychologist with a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Texas. He completed a post-doctoral fellowship in clinical psychology at Baylor College of Medicine Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Menninger Child & Family program. We’re glad to have him aboard!
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