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Brainpower - July 2010
Career-minded. This year the average annual tuition to attend a private, four-year college is $26,273*. With such a daunting figure, parents of upcoming college freshmen often worry about the many financial decisions to be made — hoping terms like “fifth-year senior” don’t exist in their student’s vocabulary. Alternatively, many high school graduates find it difficult to determine what major they should choose upon entering college.  This is where psychological testing comes in. By discovering their interests, personality traits and any previously undiagnosed learning disabilities, students are able to learn their ideal occupational direction and clarify their vocational goals.  Comprehensive psychological assessments reveal an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, answering many questions that may have caused learning or social problems for your student in the past. Evaluating your student’s mental characteristics through career, personality, learning disability and other testing can help recent high school graduates find hidden aptitudes — allowing them to choose a major they may not have considered. Of the many beneficial psychological assessments, the Strong Campbell Interest Inventory can provide insight specifically into the interest patterns of your student.  Psychological assessments can help determine: •	Basic Interests  providing specific information about your student’s interests •	Personal Styles defining your student’s preferred work, learning, leading, risk taking and team participation style •	Occupational Interests relating your student’s interest patterns to those patterns of satisfied workers in a preferred occupation •	General Personality Information helping students discover their preferred work environment  MindWorks Testing offers career testing for individuals of all ages. If you or someone you know is curious what career suits them best, contact us. Get your high school graduate tested, so we can help identify potential career options paving the way to success—personal and professional fulfillment.  e-Friends Have a friend who could benefit from MindWorks Testing? Forward this e-mail, or sign them up for our eNews. Click here to subscribe family, friends or co-workers to Brainpower.
Did you know? This year the average annual tuition to attend a public, four-year university is $7,020.* *Source: www.collegeboard.com  MindWorks on the Radio  Recently, Dr. Jerry DeSobe of the Krist Samaritan Center spoke on Houston radio station KSBJ about learning disabilities. Based on the number of inquiring phone calls to the Center after the interview, Dr. DeSobe’s discussion was said to be informative, helpful and successful.  To listen to Dr. DeSobe’s interview on KSBJ, click here. KSBJ Interview
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