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Brainpower - February 2011
Compatible Couples 
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about half of all marriages end in divorce. In fact, in 2009 the divorce rate in Texas was roughly 43% — discouragingly close to the national average of 50%. For most of us, this is old news. Many know of the disheartening statistics on divorce.
However, a lesser known statistic concerns the positive effects of premarital counseling and testing. Research shows that couples who seek premarital counseling can reduce their risk of divorce by up to 30%. While divorce may be unavoidable in some circumstances, premarital counseling by way of compatibility testing is extremely effective in helping soon-to-be spouses communicate better and deal with challenges in a healthier manner.
Compatibility testing allows couples to identify their personal viewpoints on a number of topics, including: 
•	Career
•	Finances
•	Religious perspectives
•	Communication
•	Children
•	Expressing love

Self-awareness and intimate knowledge of your spouse’s communication style, as evident through compatibility testing, is key in coping with future conflict and living together in harmony — enabling partners to communicate effectively, not destructively.  

Source: Family Relations
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Did you know?
Compatibility testing can identify a number of behaviors and communication styles, including:
•	Introverted/Extroverted
•	Self-Disciplined/Impulsive
•	Dominant/Submissive
•	Expressive/Inhibited 

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