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Brainpower - April 2011
Help Your Child Succeed 
Did you know? 44% of parents who noticed their child exhibiting signs of difficulty learning waited a year or more before acknowledging their child might have an issue. While this statistic may be concerning, it’s actually not surprising considering most parents don’t know where to turn or when to take action and get their child tested. What’s more, many parents are inundated with information and opinions about learning disabilities, but it can be hard to know the best way to help your child succeed. 
Scientific research has made much progress in evaluating and understanding the inner-workings of the brain. What we’ve discovered is that a child with a learning disability cannot simply try harder, improve motivation or pay closer attention. Learning disorders are instead caused by a variation in the brain affecting how information is received, understood and communicated. Those with learning issues simply see and hear things differently. 
Common learning disorders: 
•	Dyslexia 
•	Dyscalculia 
•	Dysgraphia 
•	Dyspraxia 
•	Auditory Processing Disorder
•	Visual Processing Disorder 

Realizing that your child may have an obstacle to overcome can be upsetting. However, when given the right encouragement, tools and support, children can reach their full potential and testing is the first step. 

To learn more about learning disability testing, call 281.480.7554 or visit mindworkstesting.org.
Source: National Center for Learning Disabilities 
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Did you know?
Learning disabilities do not signify low intelligence. In fact, many individuals with learning disabilities tend to be of average or above average intelligence. 
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MindWorks Testing is a service of Krist Samaritan Center. www.mindworkstesting.org
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