Houston Endowment Makes Substantial Donation
to Counseling and Mental Health Center

The Krist Samaritan Center for Counseling and Education will receive a generous donation of $75,000 from the Houston Endowment, Inc. as part of a grant to support the Center’s psychological testing services.

With Houston Endowment’s charitable donation, the Krist Samaritan Center will expand their psychological testing services, improving its overall mental health services for clients. Personality, IQ/achievement, employment and other psychological tests will be administered to individuals and their families through the testing services.

“Our mission is to make psychological testing more convenient and readily available for all people,” said Dr. Gerald DeSobe, executive director of the Krist Samaritan Center. “We hope people will take advantage of this service so that they can discover more about themselves and be able to address their mental health needs.”

Houston Endowment, Inc., founded by Jesse and Mary Gibbs Jones, is a private philanthropic foundation that improves life for the people of the Greater Houston area through its contributions to charitable organizations and educational institutions. Houston Endowment's assets have grown to approximately $1.4 billion, enabling the foundation to donate more than $70 million annually to help fulfill the Joneses' vision of a healthy, vibrant community. To learn more about Houston Endowment, visit www.houstonendowment.org.