MindWorks Testing Now Offers Depression Testing
Learn How the Mind Works at the Krist Samaritan Center

The Krist Samaritan Center offers depression assessments through its psychological testing program, MindWorks Testing.

The Center’s licensed psychologists and counselors can administer comprehensive, highly accurate tests for individuals who feel they may be suffering from depression. Before testing occurs, the staff often meets with the individual to discuss evaluation procedures.

Those diagnosed with clinical depression can be affected by the following symptoms: unexplained crying spells, significant weight loss or weight gain, inability to sleep or excessive sleeping, fatigue or loss of energy, thoughts of suicide and more. The depression assessments offered at the Center evaluate such symptoms to understand the severity of the depression. By offering tests like the Beck Depression Inventory, the results often help individuals receive a proper diagnosis and determine the appropriate steps to take moving forward. Whether counseling, medication, support programs or any other recommended action, the licensed counselors and psychiatrists at the Center can offer counseling services and prescribe medication as needed to depressed individuals who may require it.

“Depression is a debilitating condition that affects many people; we want people to understand that depression is highly treatable,” said Dr. Gerald DeSobe, executive director of the Krist Samaritan Center. “MindWorks Testing offers the much-needed opportunity for suffering individuals to receive an accurate diagnosis and the appropriate steps to take moving forward.”