MindWorks Testing Now Offers Gifted and Talented Testing

HOUSTON — October 13, 2010 — The Krist Samaritan Center offers gifted and talented assessments through its psychological testing program, MindWorks Testing.

The Center’s licensed psychologists and counselors can administer comprehensive, highly-accurate assessments of gifted and talented individuals. Before testing occurs, the staff meets with the family of the child to be tested to discuss the specific evaluation procedures at the Center.

Children identified as gifted and talented are often characterized by noticeable and remarkable general abilities, such as above-average academic success, high IQ scores, creative thinking, superior leadership abilities and superior ability in visual or performing arts. The gifted and talented testing offered at the Center can measure such abilities. After testing occurs, the results often help appropriately place children in accelerated classes in school.

“Many school districts often have long waiting lists for testing of gifted and talented children,” said Dr. Gerald DeSobe, executive director of the Krist Samaritan Center. “MindWorks Testing offers an excellent opportunity for children to receive the assessment they need, ensuring they are academically challenged and can reach their full potential.”