Krist Samaritan Center Launches New Program
MindWorks Testing Offers Psychological Testing for Children and Adults

Krist Samaritan Center has developed its psychological testing services into a new program called MindWorks Testing.

In May, the Houston Endowment, Inc. provided a generous donation of $75,000 to the Krist Samaritan Center to help expand its testing services. MindWorks Testing was created in response to the high demand for psychological testing all the Krist Samaritan Center locations have received in recent months.

MindWorks Testing provides a wide range of psychological tests that can be administered to both children and adults. The Center tests for gifted and talented (GT), learning disabilities (for Texas 504 accommodations), depression, ADD and ADHD, career preferences, compatibility (for pre-marital counseling), substance abuse, IQ (intelligence), personality traits, and development delays. Psychological tests include Myers-Briggs, Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis and the Woodcock Johnson among others. MindWorks Testing is staffed by Krist Samaritan Center’s licensed, professional psychologists and counselors who can help interpret and apply the results of the various tests.

“Since 1986, our mission has been to provide outstanding faith-based counseling to individuals and families in the greater Houston area, and MindWorks Testing allows us to enhance that mission,” said Dr. Gerald DeSobe, executive director of the Krist Samaritan Center. “By offering a program specifically dedicated to psychological testing, we can identify issues and challenges with individuals and families to support them in leading a healthier, fuller life.”

A primary focus of MindWorks Testing will be for schoolchildren who suffer from boredom, have a hard time concentrating or other issues. Psychological testing can unearth the difficulties behind these symptoms so parents can get their children in the proper classroom setting?whether it is gifted and talented, a grade lower or higher, or special needs.